Library Programs with the #1 Ventriloquist in the Rockies

2019 Program

Rocky Mountain Puppets has six years of experience presenting educational and engaging library programming with the #1 Ventriloquist and her vibrant puppet characters across the mid-west.Seving Colorad, Wyoming, Idaho,Montana,Nevada,New Mexico, Oklahoma,Nebraska,Kansas, Washington,Oregon and Arizona

2018 Program

Teamwork really does make the dream work. We need your help to teach Aidan how valuable teamwork is when starting a band!

2017 Program

Building a new house is quite the task! It takes a lot of patience and planning, and we are going to need your help to build Aidan's new house!

2016 Program

Climbing to the top of a mountain is quite the accomplishment. Join us while we teach Aidan about health, safety, and fitness to make it to the top of Mt. Healthmore!

2015 Program

Everybody is a hero in their own special way. Learn about how the traits of Kindness, Integrity, Determination, Courage, Opportunity, and Persistence contribute to being a hero in your community.

2014 Program

Science is awesome! Aidan wants to make a clone of himself, so join us in the labratory to help make his twin!

2013 Program

There is a treasure out there that Aidan wants to find! Join us while we go on an adventure to discover that the ultimate treasure is reading. 

2012 Program

Dreaming unleashes the imagination. Aidan dreams so big that he gets stuck in the dream world. We need to help guide him back to reality safely!

2011 Program

There are thousands of Fairytales to tell, and all the characters in these stories have their own way of telling them. Join us as Meghan's friends re-tell their version what happened in the Fairytale.

2010 Program

There are a sea of books out there! It is extremely easy to dive into a great book and feel like you're actually with the characters in the story. Join us as we dive into some amazing stories!

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