Here are Just a few 5-Star Reviews

"Took my daycare group to this show. Kids ranged in age from 11yrs old down to 18mos old and they all loved it! They laughed thru the whole show and when we came home they all wanted to make their own puppet show”- Melissa H. 

“We saw this show today at the Taylor Ranch Library and it was wonderful! My 3-year-old actually sat still through the entire show and that never happens. He laughed so much and just loved it! Great job!” – Erica C. 

“We watched her show at the Casper WY library today and had a blast! My kids (ages 8 and 5) belly laughed through the whole show and I was laughing too. I would highly recommend bringing your kids to see it!”- Hannah A. 

“We saw the Rock 'n Read puppet show in Tremonton today and my kids were rolling on the ground with laughter. They heard Meghan say she's doing a show in Logan in the evening and they begged to go again. It was worth the trip up to see the show again and they laughed just as hard the second time. Fun show and talented ventriloquist.” – Shawn M.

“Fun show! My "too cool" 8-year-old went in saying it was for little kids, but by the end he was cracking up right along with his 5 year and 3-month-old brothers. All the grown-ups were laughing as well. We appreciate you stopping at the Artesia public library!” – Christina C. 

“Oh my goodness! I took my 3-year old-daughter to see this show at the library today, and my breath was taken away! I laughed and had a good time. Not only entertaining for the kids, but the adults enjoyed it as well. I would book her for a special day at a school for the kids to see in the gym. I also would book her for my daughter’s birthday party! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a child friendly show/entertainment!” – Jenidy J. 

“Saw the show at the library today and really enjoyed it. Even my sixteen-year-old laughed a lot. Come visit more often! You’re great!” – Jennifer K. 

“I love coming to this show! Every year they have a fun show with a positive message. Everyone in my family is entertained, from my 22-month-old to my 10 & 11-year-olds, and me. Great family fun!” – Mary M. 

“Meghan has a unique program with charming puppets, silly voices, and original stories designed to educate, inspire, and entertain. She really engages the audience--both kids and adults! We look forward to hosting her at Carlsbad Public Library each summer!” – Carlsbad Public Library Staff

“She does such an amazing job!!! My kids laughed the whole time and even I was entertained. Have seen her before as well and she has never disappointed” – Destinee B. 

“What a fantastic show and talented woman! My 3-year-old was laughing and giggling throughout the performance. My 1 year old and I also really enjoyed it. We hope to catch another show!” – Katherine M. 

“The boys and I very much enjoyed her show. My 6-year-old told everyone all about Aiden for the rest of the day!” – Amy J.