2019 Summer Reading Program

Show Description

Houston, we have a problem...Lenny's spaceship has crashed here on Earth and he needs our help to get home! This ship is extremely advanced since it runs off of a crystal powered by knowledge, which you all have by reading! Our mission is to help reboot the power crystal to get Lenny back home, and we are going to need all the brain power we can get to power Lenny's ship. You won't want to miss this out of this world adventure!

Rocky Mountain Puppets is almost completely booked for Summer 2019!

Libraries interested in scheduling, please refer to the calendar below to see if Meghan will be in your state for the time frame you're looking at scheduling. 

Individual library branches interested in scheduling, the demand has been extremely high for 2019. Meghan tries her best to accommodate the weekly story-times; however, special engagement story-times are occasionally needed in order to schedule a program. Plesae understand that we are trying to keep the program fee as low as possible for libraries, so it helps us out if libraries are willing to schedule special engagement programs if necessary. 


Summer 2019 Schedule